Faul’s Modular Buildings

Faul’s Modular Buildings are the future of extending your existing home or work place, It may be a garage/conservatory, utility or play area, private gym/out office etc, are examples of  modular type extension, no matter what it is it can be installed in one day.  People do not want the inconvenience of weeks of construction at their home and the mess it creates no matter how professional your contractor is.

This is our secret, we complete our projects on the factory floor to keep you installation as simple as possible. With the use  of a mobile crane we can place your module in any position where construction would be an inconvenience to your self and possibly to your neighbours.

The modules can be constructed to suit any of your needs with what ever type  of finish on the interior and exterior to blend with your existing  premises. The most important part of our modules is that they are cost effective, on average they price around two thirds of construction prices. This should make our buildings very interesting to you the customer.

Another advantage is that if you felt in later years you did not want your modular building where it was installed or remove it completely, its no problem you can remove it in a few hours and sell it on, this cant be done with built structures at your home. With our modules being a steel construction  they are as stable as any permanent structure and yet can be removed without doing any damage to them. These are the reasons we are confident our modules are the future in extending.